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Medical Alert Alarm

How do you determine if it’s time for a medical alert alarm?

A Medical Alert Alarm gives seniors and those with chronic medical conditions the security and confidence to continue to live independently at the one place they feel most comfortable, their own home.

How can one tell if they are really in need of a Medical alert alarm?

In some occasions seniors need encouragement and support from their family to finally make the decision that they are a good candidate for a medical alert alarm.

If you or your loved one lives alone or is left alone for several hours at a time they may need a medical alert alarm. Another wake up call for a medical alert alarm is that you have taken a fall in the last year. One out of three seniors over the age 65 will take a fall this year. If you have a chronic ailment such as heart failure, diabetes, osteoporosis or arthritis you are a prime candidate for a medical alert alarm. If you are a stroke victim getting help fast can mean the difference between life and death. Wearing a Medical alert alarm can get you help fast if you are experiencing a stroke. All stroke victims can benefit by wearing a medical alert alarm.

There are many people that have balance problems but are still able to move around with the help of a walker or cane. If you use a walker or cane there is still a 1 in three chance you could take a fall. Why take a chance when wearing a medical alert alarm can get you help fast and eliminate long lie times that can result in even more complications.

Waterproof Medical Alerts

Wearing a medical alert alarm while doing day-to-day activities can improve confidence and safety. The bathroom is the #1 room in the home where the most falls take place. Most medical alert alarms help buttons are waterproof and can be worn in the shower. Keeping your medical alert alarm on while in the shower can increase your feeling of independence knowing you can get help fast if you take a fall while showering.

Carolina Medical Alerts has helped thousands of subscribers make the important decision if a medical alert alarm is needed. Please contact Carolina Medical Alerts if you have any questions about utilizing a medical alert alarm. Our number is 919-354-2944.