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Medical Alert Button

Having a Medical Alert Button can create a safer home and eliminate the most common causes of falls.

It’s not possible to prevent every fall, but a majority of falls have easily avoidable causes. The most important thing to remember is to always wear your medical alert button. Your Medical Alert button is your lifeline between long lie times and getting help quick. If you have a fall at night never hesitate to push your medical alert button. The longest lie times have occurred at night and can last well in to the next day.


In Addition to Having a Medical Alert Button…

  1. Always remove telephone and power cords from walkways in every room. Cords can easily be tripped over.
  2. Rugs, especially loose rugs are a huge fall hazard. If possible remove all rugs from traffic areas.
  3. Getting up at night can be dangerous if you have poor lighting. A lamp within reach of the bed and a light-sensitive nightlight on the wall improves visibility at night.
  4. In the bedroom keep blankets and other items off the floor.
  5. If you utilize a walker, make sure it’s reachable from your bed. Don’t take a chance and try to get the walker from another room.
  6. The bathroom is the #1 room in the home for medical alert button help calls. Having a mounted grab bar at the toilet can be very useful when in the bathroom.
  7. Showering or bathing becomes more dangerous for older seniors. Having a sturdy shower seat reduces the risk of slipping and utilizing a hand-held shower sprayer on a hose eliminates the need to reach overhead. Carolina Medical Alert’s medical alert button is completely waterproof. Wearing your medical alert button in the shower or bath can be the most important preventive maintenance you can do while in the shower.


What if I Want to Go Outside?

Wearing the medical alert button while getting the mail or paper is very important if a falls occurs outside. Carolina Medical alerts button works over 600 feet from the home base enabling our subscribers to work in the garden, sit outside on the porch and even work in the yard.


One of our goals at Carolina Medical Alerts is to help seniors stay safe and live independently in their own home for as long as possible. Keeping your home safe while wearing your medical alert button is very important in avoiding falls and getting help fast if a fall occurs.

Contact us today to make sure your home, or the home of your loved ones, is safe and that help is only a push of a button away.