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Medical Alert Pendant

Which Medical Alert pendant is easier to wear?

When you sign up for your Carolina Medical Alert service you get to choose between a
necklace medical alert pendant and a wristband medical alert pendant. Which one should you choose?

The Medical Alert Pendant Necklace:

Hands down the Medical Alert pendant on a necklace is by far the most popular. The pendant weighs less than a ½ ounce and worn like a necklace, it looks like a small charm not a medical alert pendant. The pendant is hung from a black rope that is adjustable and very durable; you can wear your medical alert pendant in the shower and while you sleep. Most of our customers choose to wear the medical alert pendant under their shirt or blouse. The neck cord for the pendant is also a breakaway so if you happen to take a fall and the necklace hooks on a doorknob the necklace will break apart so you will not choke your self. This medical alert pendant is easy to wear and barely even noticeable.

Medical Alert Pendant

The Medical Alert Pendant Bracelet:

The medical alert pendant worn on the wrist is on a black elastic band. This pendant is also waterproof so it can be worn in the shower while doing the dishes. The elastic band comes in a small size but can be replaced with a larger band for subscribers with a large wrist. The band clasp on and this can be potentially hard to put on and take off for subscribers with arthritis problems.

Both options will help to keep you safe.

While both are excellent options, we generally recommend choosing the medical alert pendant worn as a necklace rather than the wristband. The medical alert pendant on the necklace is generally more accessible during an emergency. If you fall and break your arm or your arm is pinned behind you, it will make pressing the medical alert pendant on the wristband harder or impossible.

Carolina Medical Alerts explains the advantages of each medical alert pendant to help the subscriber choose the pendant that they will feel most comfortable with. If the subscriber after a few weeks would rather replace their pendant with the other option Carolina Medical Alerts will gladly switch it at no charge.

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