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Medical Alert Products

How can my Mom get help while out of the home?

Carolina Medical Alerts is proud to offer a suite of impressive medical alert products, including the new GPS help button.


Medical Alert Products are changing…

For over 30 years Medical alert products have been limited to just in the home and out in their yard. The traditional medical alert had to be connected to a home phone line. Now Carolina Medical alerts is proud to offer a new type medical alert product to enable the active senior to take long walks, go grocery shopping or visit friends and relatives without losing the monitoring service they pay for.


How does it work?

Medical alert products with GPS are a true innovation in a field that hasn’t seen much advance in the past 30 years. Carolina Medical Alerts GPS medical alert product provides the ultimate in freedom and independence. Carolina Medical alert Help button is the only GPS button on the market that can be worn around the neck. With a push of the button you will be connected with our monitors that can communicate with you over the speaker in the button. Our trained monitors can then call the appropriate help needed. The Carolina Medical alert GPS button is known as the smallest cell phone used as a medical alert product. The GPS button is also waterproof and can be worn in the shower and in the rain. Also with the GPS button, if you are unable to communicate with our monitors or if you are unable to identify your location, our monitors can use GPS technology to locate where you are.


With so many seniors living longer and staying active, medical alert products have struggled to keep up with the active senior. At last a Medical Alert product that can keeps the pace with active seniors. The new GPS help button will fill a void in the medical alert field that has been a long time coming.

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Products from Carolina Medical Alerts:


standard medical alert productsStandard Medical Alert Communicator

• Standard Medical Alert system includes light weight water proof help button.
• Signal range up to 700 feet for coverage in the home and outside in the yard.
Includes back-up battery when power is out.  



medical alert products with extensionStandard Medical Alert Service with Extension Unit

• Working with the standard unit this extension unit enhances voice range for 2 story and long ranch style homes.
• This unit provides an additional speaker for the subscriber.




medical alert products buttonAuto Alert Button (Fall Detection)

• This Auto alert system gives the subscriber a more blanket of coverage by detecting falls and calling for help when the subscriber is unable to push the button.
• We encourage the subscriber to always push their button, but if they are not able too, the Auto Alert will automatically place the help call.



HomeSafe Wireless Medical Alert Unit

• The new HomeSafe wireless system is the perfect solution for subscribers that no longer have a hard wired home phone line.
• Comes with a waterproof necklace.
• With a range up to 600 feet this system enables subscribers to still call for help without the need for a home phone line.





GoSafe (GPS) Medical Alert System

• For seniors on the move the new GoSafe Medical Alert System will enable the subscriber to call for help anywhere their is a cell phone signal.
• Push just one button to be connected to our response center which can connect you to 911 or a loved one.
• Smaller than a credit card and weighs less than 2 ounces.
• Utilizes GPS in order to help find the subscriber in need.




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