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Medical Alert Services

No home phone line, No problem.

For older adults who don’t have a home telephone landline but still worry about falling and not having a Medical Alert Service, Carolina Medical Alerts has the perfect solution. Carolina Medical Alerts offers a Medical Alert Service with new wireless technology that features fall detection capability. Today’s seniors are looking to cut their monthly expenses and eliminating their home phone line and utilizing a cell phone is a popular alternative.


Medical Alert services and alarms are changing to keep up with older adults’ changing habits. Carolina Medical Alerts utilizes the newest state-of-the-art technology on the market today.

Carolina Medical Alerts has followed the trend of more seniors eliminating their phone line and expect by the end of 2015, more than 40% of our subscribers will not have a home phone line and will be utilizing our wireless medical alert service. In response to this trend, Carolina Medical Alerts has position themselves to be the #1 provider of wireless Medical Alert services in North Carolina.


How Does it Work?

Carolina Medical Alerts wireless system offers a lightweight, easy to wear pendant that is completely waterproof. The medical alert service base unit is small and can be placed on any table in your home. When the help button is pushed the base unit utilizes AT&T 3G network to make the help call to our response center. Carolina Medical Alerts wireless system is designed with your protection in mind through an excellent microphone and speaker, which provides optimal voice clarity.


We at Carolina Medical Alerts understand the importance for older adults to remain at home while battling the ever-increasing cost of living. Eliminating traditional home phone lines saves money and now with Carolina Medical Alerts’ new wireless technology, seniors do not have to compromise their safety and independence. There are many Medical Alert Services on the market today and several are offering the wireless medical alert services. Choosing a medical alert company that is locally owned and operated is very important in order to get the best service possible.


Carolina Medical Alerts has been in business for 31 years in North Carolina. We are very proud of the service we provide our subscribers whether it is through our basic medical alert service or the new wireless medical alert service.

Please contact us at 919-354-2944 to learn more about Carolina medical alert service options.