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Medical Alert Systems

Referring Medical Alert Systems for Healthcare Professionals

Most healthcare professionals immediately think of Medical Alert Systems for their  patients who are at risk for falls. Studies show that 30% of people over the age of 65 fall  each year and 60% of those falls happen at home. Having a Medical Alert System in your  home provides early intervention after a fall, reduces the risk of serious complications and increases the chances of maintaining a comfortable, independent life at home.

How do Medical Alert Systems Work?

Our Medical Alert System, Carolina Medical Alerts is completely focused on your patient’s health and their ever-changing lifestyle needs. Our monitors are trained extensively in understanding the needs of at-risk individuals and emergency response protocols so that they’re able to handle each call appropriately and efficiently. Since our medical alert system has voice-to-voice technology, our monitors can determine your client’s needs directly. Even if the person is unable to speak, our monitors have instant access to key details about their history and a list of their contacts. That way they can call the most appropriate form of assistance, whether it’s a neighbor, a relative or an ambulance.

Medical Alert Systems
Other Medical alert systems providers are typically burglar alarm companies or companies that sub-contract their monitoring to a third party. Not Carolina Medical Alerts.

For referral sources, there are many Medical Alert systems to choose from. Carolina Medical Alerts not only provides the very best medical alert system in North Carolina, we make it very easy for a referral source to refer a patient.

How do I Refer a Patient for your Medical Alert Systems?

Referral sources can refer a patient 3 different ways.

  1. Simply call us directly at 919-479-6050
  2. fax a referral form to us at 919-477-5474
  3. complete the contact form on our website at

When a referral source refers a patient, Carolina Medical Alerts always sends a note to the referral source thanking them for the referral and confirming that we did install the medical alert system.

Carolina Medical alerts are referred by hundreds of healthcare professionals through out North Carolina.