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Why We’re Different

Compare Carolina Medical Alerts to other medical alert companies and you quickly understand why Carolina Medical Alerts is your #1 choice.

1) We install all of our systems free of charge and make sure our subscriber not only understands how their system works but we also help the subscriber feel comfortable wearing the help button by answering any questions they may have. We do not mail the systems as larger National Companies do and try to explain the set up of the system over the phone. (Good Luck).

2) If subscriber wants or needs a lockbox for a hidden key, Carolina Medical Alerts will gladly assist the subscriber in finding a location for the box and also install the lockbox for free.

3) If a subscriber looses their help Button Carolina Medical Alerts will drive to their home and replace the Button with no charge.

4) If a subscriber thinks the unit has been unplugged or they are moving to a new location, Carolina Medical Alerts technician will check the unit and or move the system to the new location free of charge.

5) In 31 years Carolina Medical Alerts has never had a long term contract. We want to earn your business month to month.

6) Our response center provides friendly caring monitors that call help quick when 911 or a caregiver is needed.

7) Offers the industry leading technology on the market today. From our basic service to the new GPS technology.

Steve Wray, President of Carolina Medical Alerts, talks about the innovative and comprehensive services that make CMA the #1 choice for medical alerts services in North Carolina for over 30 years.